Me and my kids grocery shop

Me and my kids grocery shop



Ok so we all know that  us moms take care of grocery shopping, and I love love love to grocery shop, hehehe I don’t know why! I just really enjoy it and its great quality time with my kids. I know a lot of moms won’t take their kids with them to grocery shop because we all know that sometimes kids give us a hard time and drive us crazy!! Right?? But believe me once you keep your kids busy helping you, the whole grocery shopping trip will be great  and I love that it helps them learn about healthy food and the do’s and don’ts of grocery shopping

Every time I enter my favorite super market which is The Sultan Center I always have a cart of my own and let Adam And Jenna always push a kids cart and give them each a small list that they have to get and that way the whole time I’m busy getting the stuff we need, they are too 🙂 and at the end I let each one get two things as a treat . and there we go


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