Shopping for Books

Teach your kids to read
I always made my kids read when they were young Jenna hated it and Adam loved it with time as they grew Jenna started asking me if we can go buy some books 🙂
So what we did today was go shopping for books Yay!!



If you have a pet let the kids buy a book and learn more about them

Adam is so into this book you can tell hahaha

The search for the perfect book is still on

And we found the perfect book for Jenny 🙂

Why kids should read ?

1. Basic speech skills
2. Better communication skills
3. More logical thinking skills
4. Improves their vocabulary
5. Helps them write better
6. Reduces stress
7. It Improves creativity
8. It helps them learn
9. Improves concentration
10. Improves memory
11. Finally reading Can change your life!! Seriously didn’t know what I have done with two kids at the age of 17 with out books around


4 thoughts on “Shopping for Books

  1. Jareer just ROCKS…and reading is GREAT for everybody but especially for kids cuz it expands their vocabulary and therefore improves their ability to express themselves…not to mention the inherent benefit of acquiring knowledge in different fields..GO ADAM AND JENNY

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