Take a shower please!!!

Since my kids were a day old I cleaned them everyday with a wet towel and bathed them twice or three times a week and around the age of 2 months maybe I started bathing them everyday before bed and everybody around me told me that it wasn’t good! And they would catch a cold! And.. And.. But being the person I am I didn’t listen and I wanted my babies to e clean and fresh šŸ™‚
They grew up knowing that it was a must to shower everyday and when they were babies bathes were a fun time to them.
As they grew older and older getting the kids ready to shower was like preparing for war!! I’m not kidding you! It was so bad to just get through it everyday!
I had to act on it and I had to act fast! Norway I was gonna stress out over anymore, and No way I was gonna give up! Skipping a shower wasn’t gonna work with me!

Every time they came back to school I asked them when would they like to shower ? After lunch ? Before or after homework? I have them the option and everyday they would choose a different time and that worked for a long while and I was happy an they kids were too šŸ™‚
Lately the problem is back they would go for 2 days without taking a shower and I would go crazy and every time i bring take a shower they would say after homework of dinner! And when I would complain about it they would say mama we forgot!! Or we fell a sleep!! And the best one is we were so tired!!!!!! Hahaha!! Thats Not gonna work on me.
Now mommy needs a new idea and she needs a good one as well

3 thoughts on “Take a shower please!!!

  1. i receive a lot of flak for bathing my kids before sleeping too especially from my mother. šŸ™‚ they are both still young so, thankfully, no bath time problems yet for me.

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