Eat Healthy Q8


Hello and,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You live in a country that just surpassed the United States of America as the FATTEST COUNTRY on the planet!!!
According to a recent study by The Daily Mail, Kuwait is at the top of the list with the largest average body mass index of any country in the world.

Look around you…

Every day you are seeing a growing number of obese children.

How many of you have a little brother or sister or cousin who is overweight?

Child obesity is not an easy subject to address in our culture but immediate actions have to be taken for the sake of the children.

We need your help to reach out to the public and raise awareness and educate parents about the serious health issues that come with obesity. Heart disease and complications related to obesity are the leading cause of death in Kuwait.

Our Habits are killing our children!!!

NO MORE rewarding kids with candy!
NO MORE ordering junk food instead of cooking something healthy!
NO MORE “Finish your plate and you will get dessert” attitude!


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