Communicating through letters


Kids grow fast and everyday is a challenge with them!
I have always had a difficult time communicating with my baby Jenny and I have tried and tried but it’s like nothing works! It’s hurts so bad that I can’t let my girl open up to me and talk to me about her feelings or her attitude! But i kept trying new ways, kept reading for help and brain storming for ideas!
A few weeks ago she had one of her attitude attacks and looked her self in the bathroom! I tried talking to her but she kept ignoring me! So I left her alone and decided not to talk to her all day and try to have a talk with her the next day Which I did I kept talking for 30 min with no respond from here so I was like listen Jenny! Maybe it’s hard for you to talk and express your feelings! Maybe you just don’t like to do it! So here is a pen and paper and I want you to write what you feel so I can understand!! And I can help you! I left and after a few hours I went upstairs and found a letter near the bed and guess what!!!!
She finally expressed her feelings! I was so happy I swear it was like a miracle! So I wrote her a letter back and have it to her after that we talked again and I told her I noticed that she feels batter talking through writing so that’s what we’re gonna do now, we are gonna write to each other.
After so many try’s I finally found a way to communicate with my baby girl! Ya maybe it’s not the best way but at least she’s expressing her feelings to me so I can help her through what she’s going through and so I can know how to deal with her and know the best way to get to her 😉 I hope it will work out and makes her feel comfortable after awhile to really open up to me by talking to me face to face
Kids are a handful but never give up and always take it easy I know it’s stressful sometimes and believe you me some time I do break down cuz I feel like everything I do is not working but you got to keep focus on what’s best for the kids and always have hope and be positive after you have your 15 minutes of crying wipe your tears and get back out there and know deep inside that you will rock it cuz your in control 😉


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