Mommy Is No Longer Fun!!

Mommy Is No Longer Fun!!

It’s super cool when you watch your kids grow up and it’s my joy to be around 24/7 I resonantly left my job to be more around my kids and it was a very hard call in me because my life changed and I had to give up on a lot for my self but I did it with a big smile on my face πŸ™‚
I noticed the more I’m around the less the kids wanna hang out with me!!! Aaawwwch!!! As they are teenagers now they rather go out with friends and cousins then go out with mommy!! Every time I wanna do something with them they don’t feel like it! And every time I suggest something their like mmm don’t know! But they always wanna go out with their friends and they are never available!!! Ha! I hate it!! I remember when they were little I was their best fun ever! We did everything together!
I know that their at that age where mom can be embarrassing or not cool but seriously I’m super cool!!!! I’m fun!!! I don’t mind doing anything but nop! Kids don’t wanna be around me that much! I understand that it’s gonna get worse and I’m gonna end up having one family day a week with them I’m just not ready for this in such a young age! Mmm what I’m trying to say that it’s hard! No mom will ever be ready for this but this will happen and all moms out their should not be worried this is NORMAL!


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