A World With Out Bullying

I got a new tattoo that says ( Beautiful )
I have grown up being bullied all the time and you think at the age of 29 it should be over but unfortunately NO! I have been bullied for simply being different! Growing up I was around my cousins that had a totally different mentality and after becoming a mom And growing up to being an adult I was in a society where they simply loved to judge by the way others looked like or stand out!
It bothered me for a very long time and it still does in a way but I grow up and I had the courage to simply not care about what other think or say about me because deep inside I was proud of who I was and in a way it made me a stronger person.

My kids have been bullied as well and as a mom it totally breaks my heart! In the past when the kids were younger and other kids would say nasty things to them for being over weight I would always tell my kids your batter then them!
They are rude kids, we never talk like that with people!
Always be sure that their saying harmful words because deep inside they are sad or mad!
Their just jealous!

As they grow older and I had more info about how kids feel, every time a kid would say something bad I would simply look at him with a smile on my face and say ( that’s not nice to say ) and walk away but deep inside I’m sorry for saying what I’m about to say! I wanna slap that kid so hard for hurting my babies!!!!! I tell my kids after that that was bad and very hurtful! I’m sorry that you had to hear that but we are batter people then them give them a warm kiss.
Some people would say kids are just being kids Amani ! All kids are mean!!! No I’m sorry my kids would never say something harmful to other kids that’s impossible
And I always tell my kids if you see anybody at school being bullied you should speak up and say its wrong and try to help in anyway!

Like i said in the beginning I recently got a tattoo that says Beautiful it was a stand! I told my kids about why I got it and what it meant.
No matter how you look! How big or small you are! How different you think! Everybody is beautiful in their own unique way 😉

Kids, parents, and schools need more resources to teach about bullying, I truly think that all schools must have programs in place for anti-bullying as well as mandatory reporting by teachers. Schools cannot choose to ignore a bullying problem, they must act!!



2 thoughts on “A World With Out Bullying

  1. I really think you should take action with regards to those ill mannered kids bullying Adam and Jenny. One time I was picking up one of my nephews in school and it just so happened that he was being bullied by three larger kids..when they saw me they acted as if they were leaving…I asked him if they were his friends and just joking around? he said no they were not his friends..I let it go cuz I wanted him to handle his own problems..like I did when I was his age….I noticed him being withdrawn on our regular weekly family gatherings and I just knew what was up..I witnessed the problem myself!!! so the next time I went to pick him up I saw the same three larger kids beating him up with his own back pack..so I asked them for their names and wrote them down..waited for their parents however only drivers showed up..so the next day I took the day off at work and went to my nephews school..I didn’t even bother my older brother with this..I went straight into the principal’s office and told her what was happening..then I asked for the parents of the bullies to be called in..I waited for three hours for them to show up and spoke to them candidly.. I also told the principal if anything happens to my nephew on her watch I will personally sue her and I will become a bully myself…long story short those three kids never bothered my nephew again..however that doesn’t take care of bullying as an ongoing problem everywhere…but u know what? Maybe we can’t stop bullying, but we can at least try to help our kids when it happens to them…

    • Hi Hani I’m so sorry your nephew had to go through that! It’s hard I know that from experience! And yes I always take action when it comes to Adam and Jenny, I have been at their school many times for the bullying and it stopped but what can we do when we get bullied in public! Verbally!!!! That marks and hurts as much as beating and sometimes even more! It’s a serious issue and inshallah one day something will change! And like you said we can’t stop it but we defiantly can make a change even if it was a small one 🙂
      Thank you Hani for sharing, like always I love hearing from you
      I hope your nephew is doing great now and always remind him that no matter what he is unique in his own way xoxo
      Btw your a great uncle 🙂

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