You don’t love me anymore

It’s been a very stressful time for me these past two weeks! A lot is going on and it’s been a big mess!! Our house burned down and had to deal with the damages and cleaning and all and me being kinda homeless not getting enough sleep and all!! And kids final exams and doctors appointments it’s been seriously crazy!!
I have been snapping about everything!
Adam wasn’t ok with what was going on! He stayed quite for a few days and just gave me hurt looks every time I snapped! I could tell that he was in shock! Not use to me being this way at all! But I didn’t really think about it till yesterday when I snapped and told him he was grounded! He opened up and said I don’t know what’s with you these days! It’s like you hate me! You stopped loving me! You snap on the smallest things I do! And he started crying!!! It broke my heart! I felt so bad! I knew that I was stressed and all but I never wanted the kids to feel that I hate them or I’m mad at them!
I took a deep breath and apologized to my actions the past few days and explained why I was acting the way I did and it had nothing to do with them! I will always love them to the moon and back and even more .
After we all calmed down and the kids forgot about the subject I was thinking to my self! How did it get this bad! How dare I snap at my kids even if I was stressed out and in a bad place! My job as a mom is to take control! To protect my kids no matter what! To not involve my problems with how I act around them! I felt bad! I felt guilty! But we’re not perfect and we learn everyday especially as parents. Never let your problems come in the way you behave in front on your kids always take a deep breath and take control of your stress! Never let your stress take control of you!
I’m truly sorry Adam and Jenna
Love you more then life xoxo


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