About Me


My name is Amani, I’m a 27 year old single Kuwaiti mom with two beautiful kids, Adam is 10 and Jenny is 9

My dad is Kuwaiti and my mom is American, I’m very thankful that i grew up taking the best of both worlds, im a student in kuwait basic education college, studying teaching technology, which i love, i have been in school since 2003 !!!! i know its 2012 now !! yes i had a really hard time i dropped out of school twice or so, and always took so little credit iwhen i was in school,i didnt know what i wanted to do in my life at that time, im so happy that im almost done yay!! i graduate on the 17th of May inshallah

update: i graduated Yay!! i finished school and got my college degree

Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me, YES it’s the hardest job in the world yet it’s the greatest job in the world

Being a mom in a really really young age was super hard I didn’t know anything! and it became harder when i became single!single mom in Kuwait and still a student trying to build up her life!! Thank Allah for a thing called books!! I seriously can tell you that most of the things I learned are from reading books and of course later on with experience, and after 10 years I’m still learning and exploring all I can to be a better mommy for my kids and me wanting to be the best doesn’t make it any easy for me!! Hehehe

I have good times and bad times and I learned that when you laugh it’s because something funny the kids have done or said or you can laugh harder if you start losing control and the laughing turns into an ugly hysteric cry!! hehehe

I always wanted to start a blog about the mommy part in me and some of the things I go through and how to deal with things to help out other young moms out there and share some of my experiences, and I really never had the chance too!! And finally the day came and I had to start a blog for one of my graduation projects so I guess when they say all happens in the right time is true,and i love the fact that this blog is so different then the other blogs we have in kuwait 🙂 I can’t wait to start my blogging journey and I hope you enjoy the ride

Amani Al.kandari

Peace xxx

My kids are my shining stars, my kids are my everything


22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Seriously u r soooooooooo young for 2 big babies “allah ekhalihum lich” !!
    Goodluck on ur journey !! and always keep it up Dear !

  2. You have to rethink your children diet, as they dont look healthy at all, and stop giving them trash food and junk food. There is a kuwait blog about healthy food. Organic in kuwait…go there mom and take care of this kids, Cook for them, start reading labels, stop buying processed and canned food, stop buying products with long ingredients list packed with additives. Take this for good if you wanna have them healthy adults.

    • Thank you for your concern! I am trying my best with my kids, I know all the healthy blogs in kuwait thank you 🙂
      Being over weight is not all about eating bad! They have other issues that we are trying to fix!!
      Thank you Jolie

  3. Such a wonderful blog. Glad I just found it. You seem like the most beautiful, classy and loving Mother. You children look adorable and full of life. Just wanted to send you a blog hug from us to you. Happy New Year!

  4. I have been looking for Blogs in Kuwait that I could relate to. There’s so many out there but it looks so superficial, so fashion-forward,so unrelatable for a common Expat like me. I am so glad I have found your Blog.
    I admire your courage & I have great respect for you being a Single-mom& raising your 2 wonderful children. I can see so much love you have for them through your posts.

    I look forward to know you more through your adventures in Kuwait.

    • Aaaaawwwwww thank you so much it means a lot to me 💕 and I’m glad you like my blog! Thank you for taking the time and writing to me much love to you xx

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