When I Said NO

I finally said NO and meant it.My kids are my everything! I try to always give them what they want and provide what they need no matter what! I do say no sometimes but on what i think are the little stupid things.

With my kids being teenagers I have been having some problem with their attitude especially with my Adam, you know how those teenage years can be hard at times! Today i put my foot down and didn’t give in! That broke my heart! Felt so guilty and actually still do! I had my reasons to say no, and my biggest reason was his attitude! I couldn’t take it anymore! 

I seriously might be one of the most understanding mothers out there but today i had to put my foot down! and it feels awful! My heart is aching so bad that i cried! I wish he can understand that I wasn’t mad! I was hurt! 

As a parent you might feel hurt, worried and unsure about what right! Its hard specially when the most simplest conversation turns into an argument But i always keep reminding myself that this phase will come to an end. 

Grounding Teens


Sometimes I get frustrated with my teenagers when they violate basic family rules, like curfews! and grounding them becomes a natural reaction. Grounding can be an effective disciplinary technique if it is applied at the right time, in the right circumstances and for the right length of time. But if not it can go wrong and creat a gap between parents and teens.

And let’s be real here I have rarely seen a period of grounding where parents and teens are using the time to get close together so it has to be right when we apply it.

 I know the whole purpose of grounding is for them to learn to stay on track when it comes to good behavior or respecting family rules but does it really work!? 

Sometimes YES! because they don’t wanna lose their friends day out or any of their privileges but let me totally be honest some times NO they wont care when it comes to grounding them they would say it’s ok! it’s fine! No problem! I love staying home! But teens will always be teens and it’s ok to have ups and downs.
Ok and let’s say You ground them for a period of time and have an agreement if they do extra work around the house or get better grades then they can maybe earn time off by good behavior? If not then what will motivate them to be nice during grounding time? And if they have a bad attitude what do I do as a parent ground them even more? Where does it end! 
Here are some helper points:

– Always explain why they are grounded! 

Tell them why you are grounding them and how you feel about their action or behavior and it’s ok to listen to what they have to say, that doesn’t mean that you will change your mind on the grounding part.

– Take a moment to be clear on your terms when it comes to their grounding! Be very clear Is it time away from friends? No phone calls? No internet? Weekends home? Cut down on allowance? Sometimes I will be so upset where I would tell my kids I will talk to you later or tomorrow after school on what your punishment would be and I explain to them it’s not because I don’t wanna deal with it now! It’s because I wanna be fair with my punishment. 

– Never let grounding time to long! 

It seriously gives you lesser chance to cave in, and to crosse the massage clear with out losing it, let’s say they are late so for the next two weeks they have to come earlier then their usual curfew.

– Find ways for them to learn from it! 

Give them work around the house or you can even make them write a report on their behavior including a plan for not repeating it again.

It’s Ok To Tell 

Talking about Sexual Abuse 

As a parent, you do everything in your power to protect your children. You lock all the doors in your house before going to bed. You tell them never to talk to strangers. You insist they wear helmets whenever they ride a bike. But how much time do you spend talking with them about personal safety as it relates to their bodies?

I know it’s hard talking about this specially when this subject is barley talked about in Kuwait! But let’s be honest sexual abuse is real! Yes this is happening! As horrible as it sounds it’s true! 

Having conversations about personal safety with your children can prevent abuse and help them enjoy a safe childhood.
As a mom there is nothing off limits to me when it comes to my kids! I remember talking to my kids about this when they first started school by the age of 6 and then talked again about it after maybe two years, I can’t tell you how to talk to your kids, every mom has her own way to do so, and we all know what’s appropriate and what’s not! What’s a good touch and what’s a bad touch! What is ok and what is not! 

 In my opinion just be honest, clear, simple and talk with loads of love and in my case I always show my kids and make them feel that I got their back no matter what happens and I will always protect them with my life.

Children should know they can come to you whenever they feel confused, “icky” or uncomfortable. Children need to know that their bodies are their own and no one should touch body parts that get covered by a bathing suit, unless they are hurt and a doctor or a parent is helping them.
Help them learn the difference between a safe secret and an unsafe secret (a safe secret will eventually be told and will make everyone smile) and between tattling and reporting (reporting is OK because it involves a safety situation). And let them know that it’s ok to say NO!
Why kids don’t tell? 
– They don’t think anyone would believe them.

– They don’t want to upset their parents.

– Too embaresed.

– They get told it’s a secret.

– They get told their parents knew about it.

– They get told it’s a game.

– Afraid that dad would hit them. 

– They simply don’t want anyone to know.

If your child, or any child, discloses abuse to you, your first response makes all the difference in how they come to terms with the situation. Even though you may be shocked, resist the urge to react strongly to the news or display anger.

What to Say:

– “I believe you.”

– “I’m really glad that you told me. It took a lot of courage to tell me.”

– “It’s not your fault.”

– Do not promise to keep it a secret. Instead say, “We’ll work together to get you help. I will need to tell dad to help us.
May Allah protect all our children and give us the strength to face what hits us with love and courage.


I became a mom when I was only 16! Yes it’s crazy, it was so not your typical teenagers life! Being a mom is the hardest job ever, and being a single young mom with two kids is even harder! Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly blessed and I love being a mom and can’t ever imagine my life any other way! 

yes it is very challenging but it’s also very rewarding in so many ways, and my favorite is the unconditional LOVE.

I have two teens, Adam is 14 and Jenna is 13 both of which are completely from different worlds.
Entering teenage hood is a challenge for both kids and mother, you can never be prepared enough! 

Have you ever asked yourself how you keep it all together and still maintain your sanity?  


I have!! It’s ok to lose control every now and then. I definitely had my ugly moments where I had to leave right now and then just to cry alone! Or even those days when I felt lost about my parenting skills and just wanted to stay in bed all day! Or those times when I questioned myself if i could have done more! 

It’s ok! It’s normal and that’s simply motherhood! 
I can sum up what I have learned so far in a few 
– Educate yourself as much as you can. Read, search and ask for advice but after all that, do what you think is truly right for your kids and yourself.

– Listen to your kids no matter how crazy they may sound.

– Talk to your kids about everything and don’t ever think that it’s not important or that they are too young, or whether they won’t understand or think why should I bother talking! 

If your kids don’t want to talk or open up, then create other ways to communicate. Write letters or text or make short videos if you need to communicate about something sensitive. 

– Put yourself in their place, try to understand how they would feel about certain situations.

– Be their role model.

– Let them make their own choices.

– Let them make mistakes, they will learn.

– Encourage them at all times.

– Don’t shout because they won’t listen, they will just shut down. 

– Have family meetings. Talk about family matters, bad behavior, roles and so on

– Let them have the right to negotiate on allowance, extra pocket money, curfews and chores. 

– Always teach them ethics, morals, values and respect. Therefore, they SHINE. 

Most importantly, don’t forget your passions. Remember what excites you, Remember to nurture all parts of yourself so that you truly can ROCK at being a healthy, happy mom!


Do You Think Parents Should Buy Their Children Designer Clothes?

We all like beautiful things, we all love designer clothes and accessories, we all want that special piece! Growing up I never had designer clothes when I got married I entered this life style and when I became a mom it was part of me wanting everything nice and the best of the best for my kids. I got my kids designer clothes since they were so little they didn’t even walk yet! After they started going to school I noticed that they grew out of their clothes fast, stained their t.shirts with chocolate milk and Shoes never lasted with Adam!!! Here I decided to stop the designer clothes and go an other direction when it came to shopping for the kids!
Gap, American Eagle, H&M, Holster,
Abercrombie and Fitch, Super Dry, Nike and For shoes Adam is a Puma team fan and Jenny is a toms team fan!
And this how it is ever since!! And we got designer wallets and other accessories every now and then for the kids.
But lately my 14 year old Adam and 13 year old Jenny are starting to ask for designer jeans that coast 150KD and other things! And they are starting to know what’s going on in the fashion world and want to have stuff just like their friends.
To me it’s not about we can’t afford it no we can but to me that’s not the point at all! It’s about me not wanted my kids to be material kids that’s all.

teens don’t want to feel left out of fashion they want to be and have everything that everyone in the fashion world have.

And I thought parents would buy less expensive clothes for their kids, since they outgrow their clothes so quickly, that’s what I did ya!! But no I see my children’s friends and I noticed other wise!

everyone needs to look a certain way, and it usually sums up to money.Teens these days have the pressure on how they look as bad as any adult in the social circle, and it’s a lot to live up to.

My opinion in all this that:
Your style style statment defines your authentic self.
You, fully expressed.
you can express the real you through your style choices, you will feel better and communicate better messages about yourself to the world! Designer labels do not define who you are!

Sleepovers Gone Wild

Sleepovers Gone Wild

I have never been a fan of sleepovers but I haven’t been against it overall!
When Adam started to sleepover it was so easy to handle. It happened every now and then noting big really! As days went by and he got a year older it has been a problem! He wants to sleepover every school day off he gets and every weekend!! It’s so out of control, I say no but then comes the begging and wining and the whole drama thing! And I always well ok not always cuz sometimes I cave in I’m being totally honest now but most of the time I say NO and that’s final I just shut down and stop hearing him! Then he started playing me and his dad he would take permission from his dad and start playing me with that!!
How do I fix this problem without really taking his fun away? That’s the big question here!
What I started to do is force him to come home and if he started trying I would say that’s it Adam I’m on my way to get you NOW! So it’s your choice you stay longer at your friends and come home at the end of the day or I cut the fun and take you home now, and that really helped me with controlling the sleepovers.
I still have some hard times with him especially when his friends start sending me massages but I try to be cool and strong hahaha and stick to my word ;p

Writing Tips for Young Writers

My Jenny wants to be a writer that’s what I discovered recently she has been reading a lot lately and I noticed her love for writing.
Besides reading a lot, writing a lot is the next important step to becoming a good writer! So I had to do my researching and here are some tips that I found that will help me help my Jenny to find her way and hopefully will be good help for you if you have a little one that wants to take this path:

– Let them Steal from your favorite writers.
imitation is the best way to incorporate good techniques into your writing. Later you’ll take these tools and make them your own, but at first you should feel free to mimic the best writers.

– Let them read about writing online. There’s a huge amount of information about writing on the Internet. Let them do some Google searches for writing blogs, writing tips, and the like.

– Make writing a daily habit. Whether they write in the morning before school, or during lunch, or after school, or just before they go to bed.

– Let them write what they know about. While it’s fun to use writing as a way to explore your imagination, the most realistic writing comes when you write about things they know.

– Let them write what their interested in or love doing.

– Try to not Let then get discouraged. If their not a good writer at first, don’t worry and explain to then that — no one ever is in the beginning. Good writing comes with practice, with experience, with time. Tell them to just keep doing it.

– Yes, grammar and spelling are important. These might seem like boring subjects to the kids . I know I wasn’t interested in grammar in school, and I’m paying for it now sometimes haha 😉

– Get them a special notebook. This isn’t necessary, but I’ve found that it helps. Teach them Keep notes about characters and stories they want to write about.

– Observe. Become an observer and listen to them, give them ideas and help them make points.

– Encourage them to the max.

– Show them how proud you are of them.

– Let them share what the write with close friends and family members.