My shining stars

My shining stars

Adam is 10 years old, he was born on the 4th of July 2001, he was a healthy baby and just adorable, he is kind, has a big heart, smart, friendly, always loves to be the center of attention!! And very, very active. he likes music, arts and loves sports, he started taking swimming classes at a very young age, then he started doing squash, tennis , shouting and soccer. He love Animals, all kids of bikes, camping, loves to try new things just like me 🙂 and bossiest with shoes, like mama like son 🙂















Jenny is 9 years old, she was born on the 14th of August, she was a healthy baby and so cute, she is funny, stabber, kind of shy, smart, sarcastic, big talker and defiantly daddy’s girl. She loves arts and crafts, cooking, reading and loves shopping just like me 🙂 She loves animals, camping, loves accessories, and can’t live without music 🙂 and hates taking pictures :p
















 My kids are my stars, my kids are my everything


4 thoughts on “My shining stars

  1. Children are indeed our shining stars that brighten up our lives.
    You are indeed truly blessed.
    God bless you & your sweet family..btw, you don’t look like you have 2 kids, cuz you look so fabulous! 🙂

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