Happy Birthday Jenny 

Push push push 13 years ago! And I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl that had those big beautiful eyes.

I have always been proud to call you my daughter. Now as you grow older, I am proud to call you a friend as well. 

In life, there will be mistakes. You will have challenges, and there will be obstacles. Just know that no matter what you do, we will always love you. We will always be there to help you back up and to get you back on the right path. There is nothing you can do that will change that. We love you and always will forever. 

Happy Birthday my jenny , Love you loads xoxo


Happy Birthday Adam








To my little man

I can’t believe your 12 mashallah you have become a man and I keep thinking and wondering wow time does go fast!
I had you when I was 17 and now I’m 28 I never thought that this was the I was gonna live my life, a baby so young I had to give a lot! And I thought my life would be over and I would have no time for me anymore!
I couldn’t do what my other friends were! Couldn’t stay out late! Couldn’t travel! Couldn’t sleep at night! I lost my body! And I thought that I was gonna lose my self!
But I never knew that I’d trade in so little and get so much in return.
Having you in my life made a better person! Made me a giver! Made me loving! Made me the great mom that I see my self today!
After all these years I got it! It’s not losing! It was trading! I traded stuff for being a better mom.
Your 12 today and to be honest I hate it! I cried yesterday putting your birthday lunch together! I just can’t believe you have become my little man, it was easier before when you loved to hang out with me, we always went out and had so much fun me, you and Jenny and now your always with your friends! And I miss you and at the start it freaked me out! I though I was losing you but no I know now that my baby boy is no longer a baby! He has become a young man!

I’m proud of you, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about the man you have grown to be.

Life is tough. Life is unfair!!
Life is also beautiful and fruitful and unlimited. Look at that life, see those possibilities. Live there. Grow and flourish in that space.

The choice, always, is up to you. Choose wisely, my brave, kind, brilliant, unstoppable son.
Choose half-full, where there is always room for more.
Choose big.
Choose yourself.

Happy 12th Birthday Adam

I love you