Final Exams


It’s that time where I stress out and so do my kids! But I think that I stress out more haha! It’s final exams time. Year by year subjects are getting harder and harder and in my opinion they give the kids stuff that they really don’t need! And overload them with info that is useless!!
Last year Adam started to study on his own and when he finishes I get to ask questions and make sure he covered everything. And I only had Jenny to drive me crazy haha!! But this year Adam started giving me a hard time saying he can’t do it on his own! So I have two kids to get ready for exams! And I kid you not that takes all day!!!
I seriously have to put a plan on going through their books and marking what I don’t understand so I start reading and trying to get a full idea on some lessons! Then I have to set a studying plan for both Adam and Jenny, with breaks and snacks as well!
Every parent does it in their own way! What ever makes it easy and makes the day go smooth do it, I have to divide my time between 2 kids when me and Jenny are studying Adam is on break or doing some reading or answering questions that I have already prepared for him.
Some times I have to separate then in two different rooms so they can focus! If the kids start complaining on being tired or bored then I always make exceptions and take a 10 min break even if it’s not in the plan! And if that started to happen a lot I always try to change the way were studying use a board! Use colored papers! Stand up! Set down! Cheer them! Clap! I sometimes feel like a clown haha but I gotta do what I gotta do!
And after we finish they take their last break then I make them go through everything we studied for the last time and I wish they do good the next morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good luck all you parents out their ๐Ÿ˜‰
And I wish all the best to all kids xx


Kids and exams


My kids know that they have to study and if they don’t make time to do it! I will!! But as my kids grew older and entered the teenage hood it’s not easy to make them listen to me and do everything I tell them!! Like studying for example, when they were younger homework time was easy! And studying for exams was hard on me but they didn’t through excuses not to study!
Now Adam gives me such a hard time! I put a plan for he’s studying and for him to start takes forever!!! No matter what I say or do he won’t study and keeps giving me the worst excuses ever!!!! He wouldn’t mind staying in bed doing nothing then open a book and start studying!!
It stresses me out big time! I could easily say it’s your exam! Your grades on the line and not care and stop nagging but my heart aches and I know that he’s stressed out as well and simply not in the mood to do so! Some times we have that feeling as adults! But I know that he doesn’t know how important it is to work hard for school for a batter future! That’s why my effort with my teenagers are double the effort then when they were you younger! At the end of the day I have the worse headache! No energy at all! And not in the mood for anything!!
I’m not gonna say I tried everything! Cuz really can we ever get to trying everything as parents with our kids? No but I have tried a lot to fix this problem but some failed from the start and some worked for a little while but nothing worked as magic!
But really as parents we should know better! Their no magic in raising our kids I wish their was but NO!! That’s what makes being a good and great parent is all about ๐Ÿ˜‰