Mommy left her job!!

I have been working for 6 months now and I think a month or 2 months ago I started thinking of leaving my job! I have wrote about it and explained why I was thinking of doing so, and finally I took my decision and left!! Thinking about it and the time I went through to take my decision was hard I couldn’t stop thinking! Couldn’t stop worrying! Couldn’t stop stressing!
Am I kidding!!! Seriously!! Leave my job!! And be jobless with all the responsibilities I have! I must be out of my mind! Monthly payments! And I’m not gonna even gonna talk about my monthly buys and kids monthly buys! And all the stuff they want and need!! It never ends!! goodby shopping for good!! I was already dead just thinking of all that!
It was work or kids! I needed to do something and something fast.
Yes I left my job to be with my kids! It maybe wrong to some but to me it’s the best choice, my kids need me around and me being at work till 8pm and being home at 8.45 pm wasn’t the way I wanted!!
Half my brain was like no stay you need the job and the other half was like kids need you more! So I did what I thought was best and yes I left!
I told the kids that i left and explained why and that they need to be more understanding now that mommy has no job now so they need to cut down on unnecessary things just for a while cuz mommy is on a budget until I get an other job!
The truth is I was sad to leave I really liked my job it’s just the timings were bad and it just didn’t work!
Every mom take actions that are best for her family and that’s exactly what I did.