Msg’s From School

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with kids exams and homework! Especially when your kids forget sometime! Although I go through my kids books everyday sometimes I mess out on some things! And then I find out Jenny had a presentation and Adam had a quiz that they forgot to tell me about! Uuhh
Adams school has this service that I’m in love with you sign up for it and pay 1kd and you get all the updates by a MSG to your phone!!! How great is that! To bad Jenny’s school doesn’t offer it!

I seriously think that all schools should offer this service it’s very helpful.


Parent School Meeting

I’m very involved when it comes to my kids schools I always pass by to check on what’s going on and I never miss a parent meeting I’m always there to see what’s going on with my kids at school.
Sometimes to know what’s going on in class with your kids behavior, sometimes to catch up on homework and exams incase your kids forget or miss out and sometimes you go to point a concern. Well that’s why I go! But I have been going to school meetings for many years now and what I noticed is the parents always ask about their kids grades only!! That’s all I hear, what did you give her on her notebook? How much did she get on her exam? And so on like wise!! Parents should not ask about grades! You have your kids report cards! If you think that theirs a problem then do ask but if not why so into what your kids got on every single thing!!! Ask about behavior in class! Ask about how your kids get along with their classmates! Ask if your kid has any problems in class!
Parent meeting at school is not only about your kids grades!

Kids and exams


My kids know that they have to study and if they don’t make time to do it! I will!! But as my kids grew older and entered the teenage hood it’s not easy to make them listen to me and do everything I tell them!! Like studying for example, when they were younger homework time was easy! And studying for exams was hard on me but they didn’t through excuses not to study!
Now Adam gives me such a hard time! I put a plan for he’s studying and for him to start takes forever!!! No matter what I say or do he won’t study and keeps giving me the worst excuses ever!!!! He wouldn’t mind staying in bed doing nothing then open a book and start studying!!
It stresses me out big time! I could easily say it’s your exam! Your grades on the line and not care and stop nagging but my heart aches and I know that he’s stressed out as well and simply not in the mood to do so! Some times we have that feeling as adults! But I know that he doesn’t know how important it is to work hard for school for a batter future! That’s why my effort with my teenagers are double the effort then when they were you younger! At the end of the day I have the worse headache! No energy at all! And not in the mood for anything!!
I’m not gonna say I tried everything! Cuz really can we ever get to trying everything as parents with our kids? No but I have tried a lot to fix this problem but some failed from the start and some worked for a little while but nothing worked as magic!
But really as parents we should know better! Their no magic in raising our kids I wish their was but NO!! That’s what makes being a good and great parent is all about ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kids Focus Courses For The Development Of The Brain


When kids at school they need more then help to do homework and study! They need to learn how to develop focus! They need to learn ways how to concentrate and how to develop their brain.

Register your kids with Dr. Naif Al.Mutawa at Tarkeez Center

For more info: 67051122

Trying to be super mama

Trying to be super mama

So Jenna comes back from school on Thursday with her report card and a paper informing me that a parent meeting will be held on Sunday, it hit me then that I’m not gonna make it to her school and that to me was a huge problem ! I always made it for all her meetings through out the past 6 years or so !! How do I deal with this ! Be at my training course and at Jenna’s school !!!! Impossible!! I had to think of something to make it work!! After a while it hit me so I called Amal asked her if she can be at Jenny’s school at 9 and I would do the rest once she’s there, she said yes I’m free and can pass by for you. I was so happy that I was half way there ๐Ÿ™‚
So today I went to work, woke up Amal at 8.15, once she got there she gave me a miss call and I took permission to leave class and I did so Amal went from teacher to teacher while I talked to each one of them and took notes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mommy’s if you can’t make it to a very important parent meeting then think outside the box and try to make it in other ways ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’m so happy mission accomplished ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yay!!!!