The other day Jenna was out with her dad came back home with a name stamp of her own, I was like omg why!! What would you need it for? I asked, she answered just for fun! Then it hit me school books name tags!! Yes how cool is that! It would look amazing and instead of writing on a million books and notebooks I can simply stamp away yay! gotta get Adam one now ๐Ÿ˜‰




Teens And Glasses


My Jenny started compiling about headaches for the past few weeks every time I picked her up from school she would tell me that she has a headache! I always asked her if she ate at school and she always replied with a yes! I though it was from a long day at school and nothing serious!
A few days back she told me that she was having trouble seeing the board clearly at school! Right then and there I took her to check her eyes! And yes she needed glasses right away, it wasn’t that she was having trouble seeing everything! It was just trouble seeing the board and far objects so we went and got her prescription glasses and the Dr told us that she has to wear them at school and if she wanted to watch tv or at the movies.
Wearing glasses as an everyday must can be hard to start getting use to!
Something’s that Would help with this matter:

1- Talk to her about wearing glasses and how maybe some kids would teas her about it! But tell them cool people wear glasses all the time ๐Ÿ˜‰

2- Make sure you get the right fit, your kids everyday glasses should be perfectly fitted and comfortable.

3- make sure you find the right Dr. To work with.

4- be patient, As with most big changes in a childโ€™s life, getting used to new glasses will take time. Itโ€™s important that you remain optimistic and patient.

5- Get a Dr.’s report on your kids condition and pass by their school to inform them so your kid can set in front of the board to make it more easier to see.

Final Exams


It’s that time where I stress out and so do my kids! But I think that I stress out more haha! It’s final exams time. Year by year subjects are getting harder and harder and in my opinion they give the kids stuff that they really don’t need! And overload them with info that is useless!!
Last year Adam started to study on his own and when he finishes I get to ask questions and make sure he covered everything. And I only had Jenny to drive me crazy haha!! But this year Adam started giving me a hard time saying he can’t do it on his own! So I have two kids to get ready for exams! And I kid you not that takes all day!!!
I seriously have to put a plan on going through their books and marking what I don’t understand so I start reading and trying to get a full idea on some lessons! Then I have to set a studying plan for both Adam and Jenny, with breaks and snacks as well!
Every parent does it in their own way! What ever makes it easy and makes the day go smooth do it, I have to divide my time between 2 kids when me and Jenny are studying Adam is on break or doing some reading or answering questions that I have already prepared for him.
Some times I have to separate then in two different rooms so they can focus! If the kids start complaining on being tired or bored then I always make exceptions and take a 10 min break even if it’s not in the plan! And if that started to happen a lot I always try to change the way were studying use a board! Use colored papers! Stand up! Set down! Cheer them! Clap! I sometimes feel like a clown haha but I gotta do what I gotta do!
And after we finish they take their last break then I make them go through everything we studied for the last time and I wish they do good the next morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good luck all you parents out their ๐Ÿ˜‰
And I wish all the best to all kids xx

Msg’s From School

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with kids exams and homework! Especially when your kids forget sometime! Although I go through my kids books everyday sometimes I mess out on some things! And then I find out Jenny had a presentation and Adam had a quiz that they forgot to tell me about! Uuhh
Adams school has this service that I’m in love with you sign up for it and pay 1kd and you get all the updates by a MSG to your phone!!! How great is that! To bad Jenny’s school doesn’t offer it!

I seriously think that all schools should offer this service it’s very helpful.

School Parents Meeting


I had a parents meeting at both Adam and Jenny’s schools while checking on my kids with each teacher and writing my notes o came to Jenny’s English teacher and I wanted to talk to her about Jenny’s presentation and I wanted to let her know that she didn’t do it because she wants me to do it for her and I said no! The teacher said but she has to do it! To get her grade on it! I explained that I have trying with her for a week to start doing it, to think of an idea so we will work together and I help her and she keeps saying I don’t wanna do it you do it for me! I told her over and over that I’m not doing her homework for her she replied by fine it’s up to you if I get zero then it’s your problem! I said no it’s not my problem it won’t harm me at all!! It was her grades on the line not mine! I told the teacher to tell her that I came and talked to her and I told her that Jenna didn’t wanna do her presentation, guess what the teacher told me!!!!!
Teacher: let me tell you something my son is in the 11th grade and I still do he’s presentation so it’s ok they have a lot of homework just do it for her!!!!
I was shocked!!! Excuse me!!!!! Are you kidding me!!!!
I told the teacher that I was very sorry but I wasn’t gonna do her homework for her!
I walked away feeling sad that a teacher would tell me this! It’s to sad!!
Their is no harm in helping your kids to the max when it comes to school work but they have to show you that they are trying! It’s ok to work together but it’s never ok to do their work for them! Yes I do feel bad that she got a zero on that presentation I feel awful! But kids have to learn that school work is on them with only our help!

What goes on in your kids school!?

What’s going on in your children’s school?
Couldn’t make it to my course today, woke up this morning with crazy pain!!! Yes I’m sorry to admit it but I’ve been having teeth pain for over a month now and I’m to afraid to go to the dentist!!! I know I know how dare I right !!! Im a big girl with two kids how the heck am I afraid from the dentist!!! Well that’s just how it is with me! So I had to make that unwanted visit to the dentist and get my tooth fixed after I finished part one of fixing my tooth I was in pain and my mouth was num that I just couldn’t go to my course so I had to take advantage of the day off of work and do all the things I needed to do in the morning but couldn’t cuz of my training course.
The first stop I had was to baby Adams school, it’s his first year in this school and I needed to catch up big time, they were all super nice and helpful and tried their best to let me meet up with Adams teachers and I did and I got great feedback on him ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so proud ๐Ÿ˜‰
While I was there I couldn’t not notice how crazy it was to deal with a lot of boys in one place and all teenagers!!!
May Allah be with all the teachers there and I have to send out my thanks seriously for the hard and great job their doing ๐Ÿ™‚
With all that said I think now I wanna talk about the bad side that I saw and how shocked I was that this is happening in schools and with our boys!!
When we send our boys to school I expect that they are safe and well taken care of but what I found out was the totally different!!
Teachers calling the boys names!!!!! And cursing at them!!!!! Now that’s crazy!!! What’s going on! They should be role models to out kids!!! They should be good examples to our kids!! They should take care of our kids!!!
I’m not saying that I don’t understand what the teachers go through!!! I’m not saying that the boys don’t drive them crazy!!! And sometimes they can’t handle it and they get stressed out!!! I’m a mom so I know how kids can be super hard to handle but what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong!!! Teachers acting this way in front of the kids is something totally wrong, and I’m sure that the kids get stressed out and talk back once a teacher calls them names and the problem begins then the kid gets suspended or gets his dad in for a meeting!!!!
And when I asked about this the school replayed yes! We do have this problem but we always try to take actions!!! But why are teachers still doing that!!! If there’s actions taken against others they wouldn’t be doing it!!! Right!!!!!
While I was there waiting for one of Adams teachers to come a boy Walked in the office crying like I have never seen before just cuz of one teacher brought him in and said call his dad!! And the kid was bagging the teacher not too!! And I was thinking to my self if my Adam was in that situation he would be super calm and ok about it even if he did something wrong or talked back or whatever!! I was thinking to my self that this poor kid was freaking out of the school calling his dad more then him being called names or getting hit by a teacher! That meant that he was super afraid of what would happen to him when his dad would come!
Teachers should know better!!! Some parents are just not understanding!!! Some parents are simply angry parents!! I’m not saying that teachers should protect the kids from their parents but teachers should know how to talk to the kids! How to deal with them! How to make the kids respect them! And it is hard cuz teachers are setting bad examples to these poor boys!!! And four kids walked in having the same problem! Fear is the only emotion I saw on their faces!!!
I left Adams school wondering will this effect him in anyway? Will it change his personality? Is it safe to be in this kind of environment?

To all moms and dads out there please try to get involve with your kids schools and always ask your kids about what’s going on there?talk to them everyday about it, whose there favourite teacher and why! Which teacher don’t they like and why? These simple questions and small talk about school helps a lot and sometimes opens your eyes on things you would never even think about.
Sometimes I wish I can change everything and make the word simply a happy place! To bad I can’t all I can do is try to rase my kids the best way I can and hope for the best. May Allah be with all of us and give us the strength to become better people