Wonderland Charity Carnival 

 Wonderland is an outdoor charity carnival and exhibition held at the outdoor garden and parking area of Discovery Mall, starting from Thursday, November 12, to Saturday, November 14, 2015. The charity carnival supports children with Down syndrome in a fun-filled outdoor exhibition that includes kids activities, live stage shows, and vendors that target family and kids.
The exhibition will be divided into three days with different timings as follows:
1. November 12, from 4 – 10 PM

2. November 13, from 1 – 10 PM

3. November 14, from 1 – 9 PM


I became a mom when I was only 16! Yes it’s crazy, it was so not your typical teenagers life! Being a mom is the hardest job ever, and being a single young mom with two kids is even harder! Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly blessed and I love being a mom and can’t ever imagine my life any other way! 

yes it is very challenging but it’s also very rewarding in so many ways, and my favorite is the unconditional LOVE.

I have two teens, Adam is 14 and Jenna is 13 both of which are completely from different worlds.
Entering teenage hood is a challenge for both kids and mother, you can never be prepared enough! 

Have you ever asked yourself how you keep it all together and still maintain your sanity?  


I have!! It’s ok to lose control every now and then. I definitely had my ugly moments where I had to leave right now and then just to cry alone! Or even those days when I felt lost about my parenting skills and just wanted to stay in bed all day! Or those times when I questioned myself if i could have done more! 

It’s ok! It’s normal and that’s simply motherhood! 
I can sum up what I have learned so far in a few 
– Educate yourself as much as you can. Read, search and ask for advice but after all that, do what you think is truly right for your kids and yourself.

– Listen to your kids no matter how crazy they may sound.

– Talk to your kids about everything and don’t ever think that it’s not important or that they are too young, or whether they won’t understand or think why should I bother talking! 

If your kids don’t want to talk or open up, then create other ways to communicate. Write letters or text or make short videos if you need to communicate about something sensitive. 

– Put yourself in their place, try to understand how they would feel about certain situations.

– Be their role model.

– Let them make their own choices.

– Let them make mistakes, they will learn.

– Encourage them at all times.

– Don’t shout because they won’t listen, they will just shut down. 

– Have family meetings. Talk about family matters, bad behavior, roles and so on

– Let them have the right to negotiate on allowance, extra pocket money, curfews and chores. 

– Always teach them ethics, morals, values and respect. Therefore, they SHINE. 

Most importantly, don’t forget your passions. Remember what excites you, Remember to nurture all parts of yourself so that you truly can ROCK at being a healthy, happy mom!

Cleaning with Sunshine


Laundry! We do laundry every single day! Everyday is laundry day to us especially with two teens in the house. 

We all know how hot is in Kuwait and how strong the sun is! During the summer, there are alternative ways of doing your laundry other than the usual washing machine. The purifying power of the sun will help you save money and the environment! 

Let’s talk mattresses, bed bugs and mites love the dark and moist environment of your mattress. However, these pests can’t stand sunlight, brightness and low humidity. Is it barbecue weather outside? Perfect! Stick your mattress directly in the sunlight!

 Push those mites over the edge; strip off the sheets, brush off the mattress and vacuum it well. Afterwards, put the mattress directly under the sun, typically on a balcony or terrace. After leaving your mattress to roast in the sun for 3 hours, most of the mites along with their eggs won’t feel so much at home there. This procedure should leave the mattress mite free for a good while.
Caution: Latex mattresses should not be exposed to the sun – as the UV rays can damage the material and overheating may cause warping.
Sunshine isn’t all good!!

You’ll probably want your laundry dried by sundown but take care! You might be tempted to stick your best shirt in intense sunlight, however, if your laundry dries too quickly in the sunlight, it can damage and discolour certain fabrics.
Remember not to leave your wet laundry under the glaring sun forever; just 2 hours may be enough. Once the washing is dry you should bring it in, otherwise your beloved clothes can get annoying white stripes from the washing line. Since some detergents contain optical brighteners, clothes can get yellow or green spots, simply because of too much sun!

Tip: Turn your clothes inside out to reduce the risk of any stripes.

Gotta go do laundry now haha! 

Happy Birthday Jenny 

Push push push 13 years ago! And I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl that had those big beautiful eyes.

I have always been proud to call you my daughter. Now as you grow older, I am proud to call you a friend as well. 

In life, there will be mistakes. You will have challenges, and there will be obstacles. Just know that no matter what you do, we will always love you. We will always be there to help you back up and to get you back on the right path. There is nothing you can do that will change that. We love you and always will forever. 

Happy Birthday my jenny , Love you loads xoxo


I try not to use any chemicals and always go natural when it comes to my skin and specially my face! 
Some of the things I use and really Love and recommend for skin care 



 – I use cucumbers for my eyes.

– I use Nivea cream for my everyday face moisturizer. 

-I use deep clean Neutrogena face wash everyday when I wake up in the morning. 

– I use cactus oil every now and then for my face as a facial. 
– I use bananas, honey and yogurt to make a facial. 
– I use coffee as a body scrub twice a week. 
– I use coconut oil to moisturize my face at night. 


The other day Jenna was out with her dad came back home with a name stamp of her own, I was like omg why!! What would you need it for? I asked, she answered just for fun! Then it hit me school books name tags!! Yes how cool is that! It would look amazing and instead of writing on a million books and notebooks I can simply stamp away yay! gotta get Adam one now 😉




Do You Think Parents Should Buy Their Children Designer Clothes?

We all like beautiful things, we all love designer clothes and accessories, we all want that special piece! Growing up I never had designer clothes when I got married I entered this life style and when I became a mom it was part of me wanting everything nice and the best of the best for my kids. I got my kids designer clothes since they were so little they didn’t even walk yet! After they started going to school I noticed that they grew out of their clothes fast, stained their t.shirts with chocolate milk and Shoes never lasted with Adam!!! Here I decided to stop the designer clothes and go an other direction when it came to shopping for the kids!
Gap, American Eagle, H&M, Holster,
Abercrombie and Fitch, Super Dry, Nike and For shoes Adam is a Puma team fan and Jenny is a toms team fan!
And this how it is ever since!! And we got designer wallets and other accessories every now and then for the kids.
But lately my 14 year old Adam and 13 year old Jenny are starting to ask for designer jeans that coast 150KD and other things! And they are starting to know what’s going on in the fashion world and want to have stuff just like their friends.
To me it’s not about we can’t afford it no we can but to me that’s not the point at all! It’s about me not wanted my kids to be material kids that’s all.

teens don’t want to feel left out of fashion they want to be and have everything that everyone in the fashion world have.

And I thought parents would buy less expensive clothes for their kids, since they outgrow their clothes so quickly, that’s what I did ya!! But no I see my children’s friends and I noticed other wise!

everyone needs to look a certain way, and it usually sums up to money.Teens these days have the pressure on how they look as bad as any adult in the social circle, and it’s a lot to live up to.

My opinion in all this that:
Your style style statment defines your authentic self.
You, fully expressed.
you can express the real you through your style choices, you will feel better and communicate better messages about yourself to the world! Designer labels do not define who you are!