Writing Tips for Young Writers

My Jenny wants to be a writer that’s what I discovered recently she has been reading a lot lately and I noticed her love for writing.
Besides reading a lot, writing a lot is the next important step to becoming a good writer! So I had to do my researching and here are some tips that I found that will help me help my Jenny to find her way and hopefully will be good help for you if you have a little one that wants to take this path:

– Let them Steal from your favorite writers.
imitation is the best way to incorporate good techniques into your writing. Later you’ll take these tools and make them your own, but at first you should feel free to mimic the best writers.

– Let them read about writing online. There’s a huge amount of information about writing on the Internet. Let them do some Google searches for writing blogs, writing tips, and the like.

– Make writing a daily habit. Whether they write in the morning before school, or during lunch, or after school, or just before they go to bed.

– Let them write what they know about. While it’s fun to use writing as a way to explore your imagination, the most realistic writing comes when you write about things they know.

– Let them write what their interested in or love doing.

– Try to not Let then get discouraged. If their not a good writer at first, don’t worry and explain to then that — no one ever is in the beginning. Good writing comes with practice, with experience, with time. Tell them to just keep doing it.

– Yes, grammar and spelling are important. These might seem like boring subjects to the kids . I know I wasn’t interested in grammar in school, and I’m paying for it now sometimes haha 😉

– Get them a special notebook. This isn’t necessary, but I’ve found that it helps. Teach them Keep notes about characters and stories they want to write about.

– Observe. Become an observer and listen to them, give them ideas and help them make points.

– Encourage them to the max.

– Show them how proud you are of them.

– Let them share what the write with close friends and family members.


Your On My Mind When Your In School

My kids have exams this week and every morning I stress out a bet and worry on how will they do!
I wanted my kids to know that so I though of sending a MSG to then while in school so when they come back home they can see that I was thinking about them 😉


Try it one day 😉 xoxo much love to all

( My Mother ) By Jenny


Last week we had a small problem Jenny had to do a verbal presentation and I tried helping her but she kept saying you do it for me and I didn’t of course! I did offer to help but she didn’t want to do a thing and I had a talk with her teacher and all and she still wanted me to do it for her!!
I come home today and it’s time to go through the kids books and follow up on everything and I find a paper that had a headline ( MY MOTHER )
Forget the spelling mistakes and the bad verbs haha 🙂

My Mother

Mothers are lovely and greatest persons in life. I love my mother because she is the one who born me. Always she take care for me, she stayed a wake all the time to make sure that I’m ok, she got tired all day for my comfort. She spent her age to grow me up. When I was a child she was feeding me, usually my mother advice me the good things from her life’s experiences
I love my mother

How sweet is that!!!! That’s her first presentation she does on her own and it was a bout me 🙂 Aaaawwwww I’m blessed to have such a great daughter and I’m so proud of her xoxo
I ignored her to do her homework and at the end she did it on her own and she didn’t even ask for my help!! And it was a bout me 😉