Teens And Glasses


My Jenny started compiling about headaches for the past few weeks every time I picked her up from school she would tell me that she has a headache! I always asked her if she ate at school and she always replied with a yes! I though it was from a long day at school and nothing serious!
A few days back she told me that she was having trouble seeing the board clearly at school! Right then and there I took her to check her eyes! And yes she needed glasses right away, it wasn’t that she was having trouble seeing everything! It was just trouble seeing the board and far objects so we went and got her prescription glasses and the Dr told us that she has to wear them at school and if she wanted to watch tv or at the movies.
Wearing glasses as an everyday must can be hard to start getting use to!
Something’s that Would help with this matter:

1- Talk to her about wearing glasses and how maybe some kids would teas her about it! But tell them cool people wear glasses all the time ๐Ÿ˜‰

2- Make sure you get the right fit, your kids everyday glasses should be perfectly fitted and comfortable.

3- make sure you find the right Dr. To work with.

4- be patient, As with most big changes in a childโ€™s life, getting used to new glasses will take time. Itโ€™s important that you remain optimistic and patient.

5- Get a Dr.’s report on your kids condition and pass by their school to inform them so your kid can set in front of the board to make it more easier to see.


How can you talk with your teen?

My Jenny is at that age where all she wants to do is go out with her friends and spend time alone in her room.
It stressed me out a lot and still does! Tried many ways and ended up with:
– sometimes a face to far talk won’t work and if not then creat ways to try to communicate like letters or maybe record a video! I know it might sound crazy but come on!! Anything I would do!
– Donโ€™t lecture, talk for hours, or ambush your teen.
– If your teen tells you a secret, keep it.
– Listen carefully to her/his concerns and feelings, and
respect their views. Teens are often afraid of being โ€ข lectured, punished, or not understood.
Stress that your teenager can and should make choices about his/her behaviors, and is responsible for
these decisions.
– Offer praise. Make a date to spend one-on-one time with your teen. Find something you both like to do.
– Tell your teen you love her/him With all the changes their going through, they need to hear it now more than ever.

Family meeting

Family meetings are a big thing with me and my kids!
I don’t really know when I started them but we’ve been having them as long as I remember!

Family meetings are time set aside to promote healthy communication, make decisions, solve problems, and encourage strong family relationships. There are two basic types of family meetings scheduled and informal.

I take family meetings very seriously and I truly think that they are very important.

A scheduled meeting provides an opportunity to get together and discuss family issues, the whole family comes together to talk about an issue that affects every member, Whoโ€™s going to do what chore? What should we do during vacation this summer? Talk about a bad something that is upsetting a member of the family or a bad behavior that happened and wasn’t expectable! The entire family works together to answer such questions, and explain behaviors or reactions.

Family meetings should include an open dialogue, allowing everyone to express his or her opinions and respond sensitively to one another. Interrupting, criticizing, and correcting should not be allowed. Openly discussing an issue together shows that everyoneโ€™s opinion is valued and that the family is a team.
To be successful, organized meetings should be short and well planned.
With time kids will get used to the family meetings and they will call for one! Seriously that happened with Adam and I was so proud that he called for a family meeting and me, Jenny and him say and talked about a very serious matter that happened and I didn’t know about! I was so proud! So happy that he did ๐Ÿ™‚

Taking Action

It feels like I will never stop talking about this!! But I hope not I hope it will end and I believe it will!
My kids and over weight, yes again! It’s like an endless process, I talked about Adam joining a boot camp and is doing really good ๐Ÿ™‚ he’s on break now because of Ramadan but he’s back in straight after inshallah.
I have been off Jenny’s back for a while now about losing weight but due to some health issues she’s having and me fearing that she would go into deep depression I had to start talking to her about it again and trying new ways to motivate her! But no way she’s so hard headed that she doesn’t wanna do anything and keeps fighting with me all the time!
I know it’s hard it’s very hard but I have to do what I have to do and I will not give up!
So me and her dad had a serious talk and decided to be kinda hard on her and give her an ultimatum that if she doesn’t agree on working with us on this issue and let us put her in a gym with a personal trainer we would take away her phone, iPad and both Cameras that she can’t live without!! Uuuuhhhh it was really hard doing this because I totally know that it’s hard for her!
I don’t know if it’s harsh to do so! But we seriously tried everything! And this is the only way left is take away her privileges away!
Will see how this goes we have a date set up with a personal trainer on Sunday and we will see how it goes! Hope are up and inshallah for the best ๐Ÿ™‚

Teens And Makeup

When is it ok for teens to start putting on Make up?


Makeup is fun for many girls, but you may feel it’s too early to let your teen daughter wear makeup on a daily basis.
My Jenny asked me if she could put makeup two years ago and I said no not now your to young!
She asked me a year later if she can for a family gathering – small party I agreed and though it was ok then she asked me again on Eid and I said yes it was ok since all girls play dress up and glamour up in Eid and that was really it! This year she asked me if it was ok to put lipstick on for going out and I wanted to say no so badly I really felt like no it’s to soon I’m so not ready for this! She’s growing up!! But really how young is to young nowadays? With this new generation!!
I allow my Jenny to wear lipstick now, to me it does no harm if it makes her feel good about her self yes we are all beautiful but if a little bet of lipsticks make you feel special then I’m with it all the way ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not saying that teens should be allowed to put on full heavy makeup with out any rules!! no but if your teen wants to start using make up teach her to use make up to enhance that natural beauty she has

Multi-sensory Learning public Lecture


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