Keeping Track On Your Kids Mobile Apps

Let’s download some new apps!




Since my kids are growing older they have been more open to a lot of new mobile programs and exploring whatever is new! That can be a good thing and can be a bad thing!
It’s really hard when it comes to protecting your teens from technology, with all that’s going on now a days it’s kinda impossible to cut off internet! I’m not that type anyways, I’m easy going when it comes to these things but since I’m not a technology freak I get lost a lot with all the new programs and I’m like what’s that! What does it do? How does it work? So to be on the safe side and to keep an eye on what my kids are using from all the apps I thought that the best way to do so is to download the apps and try to see what they are a lot about and how they work to make sure that I have everything under control even if I wasn’t gonna use them myself 😉



Do you have curfew for your kids? Are you with or against it? Does it really matter to you? How important is it? Why is important?

Well Adam has been going out with his friends a lot lately and since it’s spring break I don’t really mind it.
What I do mind is when he comes back home late! Usually I drop him off and pick him up but these days his friends are dropping him off with the driver but everyday he’s late!!! I have warned him before and gave him a few chances after he has given me silly excuses and when that didn’t work I have grounded him and after that he was always home at the right time! But now the problem is back! Always late! And not as if he loses track of time cuz I make sure I call him and remained him to be home before 11 pm and still! Always late! I’m sure this will get worse year by year cuz the older they get the harder it gets right!!! but I will try to control this! We gotta find away! Us parents are in control! I think what I can do now is always free myself around the time he has to get back home and just simply pick him up! With time his friends will get used to the timing and will always finish their activities within the right time that Adam has to go home, and really it’s all about setting a routine. I did feel guilty sometimes that I had to let him come back home before his friends but I think that 5 and sometimes 6 hours are more then fair to be out with his friends! And sometimes I am understanding if the excuse was fair enough cuz sometimes things happen!
So let’s see how this is gonna work this time!
Don’t forget to always explain why you are putting a curfew and why you set the time you do and it’s always good to get to an agreement on the time that both parent and teen agree on, to me that would make it fair.

The importance of curfew:

– Curfews teach the importance of keeping track of time.

– Curfews help teens get enough sleep every night.

– Helps parents worry less.

– Helps your teen understand limits and boundaries.

– Curfews are an important part of developing a teenager’s responsibility.