Do You Think Parents Should Buy Their Children Designer Clothes?

We all like beautiful things, we all love designer clothes and accessories, we all want that special piece! Growing up I never had designer clothes when I got married I entered this life style and when I became a mom it was part of me wanting everything nice and the best of the best for my kids. I got my kids designer clothes since they were so little they didn’t even walk yet! After they started going to school I noticed that they grew out of their clothes fast, stained their t.shirts with chocolate milk and Shoes never lasted with Adam!!! Here I decided to stop the designer clothes and go an other direction when it came to shopping for the kids!
Gap, American Eagle, H&M, Holster,
Abercrombie and Fitch, Super Dry, Nike and For shoes Adam is a Puma team fan and Jenny is a toms team fan!
And this how it is ever since!! And we got designer wallets and other accessories every now and then for the kids.
But lately my 14 year old Adam and 13 year old Jenny are starting to ask for designer jeans that coast 150KD and other things! And they are starting to know what’s going on in the fashion world and want to have stuff just like their friends.
To me it’s not about we can’t afford it no we can but to me that’s not the point at all! It’s about me not wanted my kids to be material kids that’s all.

teens don’t want to feel left out of fashion they want to be and have everything that everyone in the fashion world have.

And I thought parents would buy less expensive clothes for their kids, since they outgrow their clothes so quickly, that’s what I did ya!! But no I see my children’s friends and I noticed other wise!

everyone needs to look a certain way, and it usually sums up to money.Teens these days have the pressure on how they look as bad as any adult in the social circle, and it’s a lot to live up to.

My opinion in all this that:
Your style style statment defines your authentic self.
You, fully expressed.
you can express the real you through your style choices, you will feel better and communicate better messages about yourself to the world! Designer labels do not define who you are!

Teens And Smoking


Teens And Smoking

Have you talked to your teen about smoking?

Everyone is well aware of the health risks associated to smoking, yet teenagers are still eager to try it. Although it is okay for you son or daughter to experiment with these things. And when I say it’s ok I don’t mean OK as ya it’s all good, nothing to worry about! No I mean ok in that it’s normal and it can happen cuz teens are more likely to wanna try new things even if they know it’s bad for them and wrong! So have an open mind about it and be prepared and ready to take action very wisely.

React calmly.
So you walked into your son or daughter’s room and caught them puffing away? As much as you want to freak out, you need to keep your cool. The young person will be less likely to absorb what you say. Of course you’re going to be angry, but remember, shouting and screaming at you son or daughter is not going to resolve anything.

That’s correct, discuss, don’t lecture. Communication is key, especially when a topic is as important as this one. Follow this loose guideline, and your conversation should go (fairly) smoothly.

Ask your son or daughter what they found so appealing about the cigarettes. Was it peer pressure? The desire to look cool? Take what your son or daughter says and express your own point of view about the matter. Explain how you don’t want them to take time off of their life by smoking, and how you love them and don’t want them to harm them selfs.

Talk about smoking addiction. Ask your teen how he/she likes making his/her own choices. Tell him/her that while the first cigarette is their choice, smoking becomes addictive very quickly. Therefore, it will soon be the cigarettes making the choice for them.

Remind your son or daughter about the downsides to smoking: yellow teeth, wrinkles, cancer, smelly breath, shortness of breath, brittle hair, and smelly clothes.

If you haven’t caught them doing it and inshallah you never will don’t drop the subject ever I think it’s very important to have that talk with them 🙂